Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tips for Helping Child Overcome Bed-Wetting

Tips for Helping Child Overcome Bed-Wetting

Here is how you can help your child overcome bed-wetting.

A parent needs to be understanding and considerate. Never assume that the child can stop it at will or is doing it on purpose. The fact is that the body of the kid is not equipped well enough to control the urine flow while he is asleep, or there can be other medical conditions as well, which must be properly diagnosed. In most cases, the kids get over this problem by the time they are about 10-12 years of age when they learn to control their bodies more effectively.

Some Simple Steps to Follow:

#Never rebuke the kid as it can irreparably damage his self-esteem.
#You can make sure that the kid is not taking in any fluid 2-3 hours before bedtime.
#Help him follow the routine of visiting the washroom before retiring to bed without fail.
#Often it is found that there is a drop in body temperature when the child is wets the bed. So you need to ensure that the kid is properly clothed and warm.
#You can also think of using diapers in order control the mess.
#You can build up a schedule using an alarm clock at regular hours at night so that the kid develops the habit of emptying his bladder at regular hours.

The point is to be sympathetic towards the condition. At the primary stage if these simple regulations work, it is good, otherwise, it is always advisable to seek medical opinion on what might be the real cause and act accordingly.

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